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Q: O que significa A: Ow! My shoulder! B: Oh, that looks bad. Did you dislocate it? Don't worry I can help. Sit down here and I'll set it for you.?
A: A’s shoulder is dislocated, so B has to put it back into place, this is called “setting”.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (RU)? Ow log chale gaya?
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Q: Ow! Oh! I slipped in the baby oil.
I heard this sentence in the drama, Modern family.
I wonder why he said like slipped "in" not "on"?
If I say I slipped on the baby oil is it weird or something?

No, it is totally natural to say either version. You can be on top of the oil, or you can actually be in it – it is a liquid, after all. Absolutely no problem saying either one
Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar Ow! I just got poked!
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Q:Ow! I've cut my finger.

Ow! I cut my finger.

Is the second one incorrect ???

Thank you🙏
A: the second one is correct ^^
Q: Ow ise mi sigig iu guis?? soa natural?
A: Absolutely perfect! You're a great singer too!
Q: Ow, I'm sorry about replying too late, but I was working until now. I feel splendidly well, thanks for asking soa natural?
A: only and just together? finished and work together as well? 😕😕

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