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Q: O que significa overshoot ?
A: If you overshoot the mark, you cause problems by doing something to a greater extent than you intended.
Q: O que significa What does 'overshoot' mean here? This paragraph is from E. B. White's essay, seems not really make sense...?
A: In this case, it means that they were going to Fryeburg soon, but first they drove past it, continuing on down the road (as if they were aiming and they shot over it instead of hitting the target = overshooting it). But they did this because their home was 175 miles further down the same road, and they wanted to spend the night at home, then come back to Fryeburg the next day after a good night's sleep. So they drove past it, knowing that they could have stopped there, so it felt a little odd to drive past it, continuing further down the road, to go home first instead. Then driving back out to Fryeburg later the next day or so. Or whatever their other plans were going to be, but that is the basic idea of what it meant by 'overshooting it' by 175 miles in order to sleep one night at their own home first.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre overshoot e exceed ?
A: Exceed is to over accomplish something or to go over ones expectation

Over shoot is going to far.

‘I exceeding my teachers standards’

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Q: To limit the overshoot at the start-up, it has been decided by the client to change the type of oil of the car. soa natural?
A: yes it’s about an engine which the nominal speed is 1000rpm, but at the start-up the speed goes higher like 1100rpm. That’s what we call an « overshoot ».

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