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Q: O que significa get overrun?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: O que significa overrun?
A: Here overrun means Trampled over. Hope this helps.
Q: O que significa I knew he was trying to get overrun us.?
A: I believe this is the phrase you're looking for, I don't hear that much. "I knew he was trying to get one over on us"

get one over on (one)
"To fool or deceive one; to make one the victim of a prank or hoax."
"get an advantage over somebody/something: "

Does that make sense from the context? I can delete my answer if it does not.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre overrun e invaded ?
A: "invaded" sounds like a deliberate and hostile act, and is most common a military action:
Russia was invaded by Germany.
Germany invaded France.
You could also say "Amazon invaded the grocery market", it sounds like I am not happy about it.
You could say "Germany overran France" but then it sounds more like a specific battle where Germans won, not a general invasion.

"overrun" sounds more neutral and could be natural:
My house was overrun by spiders.
If you say "my house was invaded by spiders" it sounds more like the spiders are smart enough to do it just to upset you or take your house away from you.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre overrun e overflow e overcrowd ?
A: The bath is going to overflow (water will spill out)

The meeting overran(it finished late)

The house is overrun with bugs(there are lots of bugs)

The station is overcrowded(there are too many people)
Q: Qual é a diferença entre it’s overrun by e it’s overrun with ?
A: @COASTBC I don’t know why people say that “Phrasal verbs” are hard 🤣. They are very easy you just have to learn a verb plus a preposition and that’s it you don’t have to learn word by word to increase your vocabulary. I only have a few issues with prepositions sometimes i can make out which preposition sounds right and which one sounds off.

If all my questions were overrun by comments I’d be more than happy haha 😂

Q: Qual é a diferença entre overrun e invade e encroach e intrude ?
A: Great question!
invade = países, ejercitos. The US will invade Canada soon.
intrude = personas, interrupciones. Maria is intruding into my space.
encroach = tierra, area. Her driveway encroaches into my property.
overrun = varios usos pero normalmente implica un exceso de algo. The river overran its banks.

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Q: are "to be overrun with xx" and "to be infested with xx" both negative?

our store is (overrun/infested) with customers thesedays.

- is it unnatural to use either word, bc being full of customers is a good thing and either word is positive???
A: @richurchoi Yes. You can use it as a joke too if the customers are children haha. "This store is infested with children."
Q: I'm wondering what "being overrun" in the text below means. And also I'm not sure what "That it survived...was down to intelligence.

Any comments would be appreciated.
A: The attackers almost completely broke through the defenders. The defenders only won because they had more information than the attackers.

"Intelligence" often means "information" when used in a military context.

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