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Q: O que significa overlapping ?
A: Basically when something partly "covers" something else.

1. overlapping privacy laws - there are different privacy laws that govern teachers, doctors, and police - some of them are the same, but some aren't, which may cause difficulties
2. overlapping jurisdiction - there may be areas where it seems two different bodies are "in charge" of the same thing
3. overlapping speech rhythms - in normal speech, people don't always wait for the other person to finish speaking. They start speaking as soon as they believe they understand what the other person is saying, so two people may often be speaking at the same time
4. There is a evidence from different periods of time, which are not all separate
5. Overlapping plotlines - some plots may involve the same events or characters from a different perspective
Q: O que significa overlapping?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com overlapping.
A: Here are some I think that can help.

The two of us have many overlapping interests.

The fence is made of overlapping panels.

We both have many overlapping duties.

We the sliced vegetables so they were overlapping.

I hope this helps! 😁

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