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Q: Qual é a diferença entre You overdid yourself e You excelled yourself ?
A: It should be "you outdud yourself."

"To overdo" means to exaggerate or to overcook something. "To excel" is not a transitive verb and can't take an object like that.

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Q: "He overdid a leg day and got sore muscles in his legs." soa natural?
A: × "He overdid a leg day and got sore muscles in his legs."
✓ "He overdid leg day and got sore muscles in his legs."

Q: "She overdid the photoshop. she looks uncanny and creepy." soa natural?
A: Also: “She overdid it with the Photoshop. She looks unnatural and creepy.”
Q: That was overdoing, wasn't it?
You overdid, didn't you? soa natural?
A: "that was overdoing it, wasn't it?
and "you overdid it, didn't you?"
the first is more of a statement, the second is more of a question though their meaning is very similar.
Q: I overdid it on the drinks last night because we had a birthday party at house. Everyone was dancing, talking, singing. playing pool and so on. The thing is, I'm having the worst terrible hangover ever therefore I'm just lying in bed. Does anyone know how to get better? soa natural?
A: I over did it drinking last night at a home birthday party. Everyone was dancing, talking, singing, playing pool etc. Honestly I have the worst hangover ever today so I'm just spending the day in bed. Does anyone know any good hangover cures??

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