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Q: O que significa What does overcook mean??
A: In preparing food it sometimes is easy to overcook the food. This means that food has been heated for too much time.
If fish is overcooked, then the fish will be tough instead of tender.
If pasta is overcooked, it loses the texture and it becomes mushy.
When bread or meat is cooked for too much time, it becomes hard and tough.
Q: O que significa overcook?
A: Yeah, to cook something for too long. I accidentally cook something for 10 minutes because I forgot about it, when I was supposed to cook it for 5 minutes. I have overcooked it, whatever I was cooking.

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com overcook.
A: "I overcooked the pasta and now it's all soggy. I do not like the taste of it."
overcooked= past tense of overcook

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