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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com overconfident.
A: "He is so overconfident that he comes off as rude" "She's way too overconfident" "It's good to be confident, but try not to be overconfident"

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Q: I thought we must not be overconfident. soa natural?
A: × I thought we must not be overconfident.
✓ I thought we must not get overconfident.

I have tried to make this better but this is an awkward sentence. In what situation would you want to say this?
Q: "You are pushy, overconfident and if I may say so, sometimes mean."

Hi. I just try writing a senence with using "if I may say so". Does this sound natural?
A: Sounds good! In my opinion, it would look better with commas after “overconfident” and “and”, but that’s a matter of preference.
Q: I don't like much who is overconfident.

Could you tell me if the above sentence is natural?
A: @dtmsmn "I don't like people who are overconfident"

"I don't like those who are really overconfident"

^These sound more natural.
Q: He is overconfident.
Sounds natural?

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