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Q: O que significa What do "reimburse" and "overage"mean in the sentence? Thank you!!

The city will not reimburse more than a 10% overage in line-item costs beyond what was approved.?
A: It seems to mean: "The city will not pay back more than 10% of the cost of unused inventory." I am not sure. What is the context?
Q: O que significa overage charges?
A: Overage charges are extra fees if you go over a set amount, as in mobile data or credit card limits. Say you have 10 GB of data a month, and you use 11, you would receive overage fees because of it.

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Q: I'm overage because I turned 18 in March. soa natural?
A: Overage sounds a bit unnatural. if you are trying to get into a bar and want to show you aren't underage: 'I'm legal...'

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