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Q: O que significa "overachiever"?
A: someone who tries to achieve too much, usually to try and impress people
Q: O que significa overachiever?
A: An overachiever is somebody who is very successful, enough to make other people envious.
Q: O que significa overachiever?
A: It's when someone does or achieves something better than necessary or than expected

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre "You're quite AN overachiever" e "You're quite THE overachiever" ?
A: "An" is more general, and puts emphasis on overachieving people. "The" is more specific, and puts emphasis on the person the speaker is referring to.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? What does "overachiever" mean?
A: Someone who works very hard in order to be good or great at something, like sports, school, or even gaming. They can be helpful sometimes, but they can also be rude and think they are the best at the subject they are an overachiver in

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Q: Overachiever and successful have the same meaning, right? or overachiever means being more successful than you expected?:
A: Overachiever means someone who did more than was expected of them, i.e. they achieved over the set expectations
Q: Can I use 'overachiever' when I describe someone in a positive way?
A: Yes, you could say "gifted and talented" instead if you want though

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