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Q: outstage xx
upstage xx
overshadow xx

what are the differences?
A: @richurchoi

What exactly do you want further explanation on?

I’ll do my best to explain the difference between upstage and overshadow.

Upstage: (to do something to intentionally receive attention)

The young children were putting on a performance. All the children were singing like they were supposed to. Child A was singing and dancing in a funny crazy way. Everyone was watching Child A and not the other children.

Child A UPSTAGED all the other children. (This is an active sentence)
All the other children WERE UPSTAGED by Child A. (This is a passive sentence)

A passive verb is formed by the verb TO BE + VERB IN PAST TENSE

A famous author WROTE the book. The book WAS WRITTEN by a famous author.
My friend COOKED the food.
The food WAS COOKED by my friend.
Bob OPENED the door. The door WAS OPENED by Bob.
Child A UPSTAGED all the other children.
All the other children WERE UPSTAGED by Child A.

Overshadow: (to not do anything to ask for attention)

Jim and John are brothers. Jim is tall, handsome, plays three different sports, has a beautiful girlfriend, gets excellent grades, and has many friends. John is quiet, shy, not very handsome, doesn’t play sports, has problems in school, and doesn’t have any friends.
Jim OVERSHADOWS his brother John.
John IS OVERSHADOWED by his brother Jim.

I’m not sure what you wanted more explanation on but I hope you find this helpful.

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