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Q: O que significa "i do digital outreach for South by Southwest."

what means "digital outreach" and the rest of sentence?
A: Digital outreach probably refers to online marketing and advertising. South by Southwest is the name of a film festival. (It is also a direction, between southwest and south.)
Q: O que significa outreach?
A: It means to extend or reach out
Q: O que significa outreach to stakeholders ?
A: Do you mean? : I'll reach out to the stockholders.
Q: O que significa I'm doing outreach down at the rec center, talking to at-risk youth.?
A: it does mean someone is helping children with problems, most times it is as volunteer work but can be done professionally.

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com outreach.
A: We had an outreach program.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre outreach e volunteer ?
A: Outreach means you are doing something for a group of people (some form of service, like medical checkups or academic services) that is usually not available to them at any given day.

Volunteer or volunteering is working for something where you don't expect to get paid.

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Q: I'm wondering if I did 'outreach' , I could expect to get paid??

What is definition of 'outreach' exactly?
A: This is usually community service or volunteer work for a nonprofit agency.
Q: They decide to begin with the outreach education for the elders. soa natural?
A: Thanks for pointing out the problem.

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