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Q: O que significa an outpatient center?
A: Inpatient care refers to situations where a patient is admitted to a hospital and stays at the hospital to receive treatment (over the course of one or more nights).

Outpatient care is when a patient simply comes to the hospital (or medical clinic/center) at scheduled times to receive treatment and then they go home. So an outpatient center is basically a medical clinic specifically for outpatient care.
Q: O que significa outpatient treatment?
A: Outpatient treatment is used to describe treatment a person receives by hospital staff in a hospital setting; however, they are not admitted to the hospital and do not stay in a hospital room overnight.

An example would be a person who goes to the hospital to have a procedure or surgery done, but they are discharged from the hospital and recuperate at home.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre outpatient appointment e hospital appointment ?
A: None, outpatient is a department within the hospital. It is being slightly more specific.

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Q: You have to come for regular outpatient treatment. soa natural?
A: Very good

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