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Q: O que significa outcry?
A: Protest or loud public complaining. There was a huge outcry when it was announced that Big Bang Theory was going to end. The Brexit vote caused a huge outcry.
Q: O que significa outcry?
A: Outcry is a reaction.

For example:
There was a public outcry because the murderer was let go.
Q: O que significa outcry?
A: Could be a shout. Or a public display of disapproval.

We might say. "There was a great public outcry against this injustice." When talking about a group of people.

Or when referring to a small group or individual we may say "Susan's outcry of surprise was heard from down the hall."

It's not a common word when speaking. More often you will see it in literary works.

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com "provoke an outcry".
"Changing school programs to be year round would provoke an outcry from many mothers."

"He knew mob mentality would be on his side, so he bribed a policeman to attack one person in order to provoke an outcry from the people."

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre outcry e riot ?
A: Outcry is speaking out
Riot involves fighting and breaking things

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