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Q: O que significa over the top (OTT),when we can use it??
A: Exaggerated. اغراق آمیز
Q: O que significa OTT?
A: Over the top

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com OTT (over the top).
A: That's so over the top.

Stop being so over the top.

It's over the top.

(It can be common in text-talk as OTT, however in regular conversation the meaning is expressed but usually in different words. For example, it's more natural to say:

Don't be so dramatic.

You're so dramatic.

Don't be ridiculous, you take things too far.

That's really extreme.

All these have the same meaning, just are used more commonly than 'over the top')


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Q: What does "OTT" mean?

Lance thought this a bit OTT considering neither of them had jobs but when he said so his mother ignored the jibe and said, 'I don't know how that poor old Gilbert put up with you under his feet all day.'
A: “Over The Top” - too much, extreme. More context is needed, but Lance basically thought the comment was unjustified (too much) for the situation.

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