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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Otani San e Mr.Otani ?
A: English honorifics do not convey differences in age or status. They can be used to talk about anyone in a polite way.

Mr. = any man
Ms. = any woman
Miss = an unmarried woman (often considered slightly insulting)
Mrs. = a married woman
Dr. = anyone who has earned a doctorate degree
Sometimes political offices can be used as honorifics, such as "President" or "Senator."

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Q: 大谷の球速は100マイルを超える。
Otani's velocity is more than 100 miles per hour.
Does this sound natural?
A: yes, but I would specify what speed, in this case, the ball that he threw
Q: I notice that Otani hits homeruns every morning after I get up. soa natural?
A: I got it. Thank you!
Q: 大谷選手が故障者リストに入ってしまったよ!
Otani players had entered the disabled list.
soa natural?
A: Otani is on the disabled list.
Otani is now on the disabled list.
(...and we’re not very happy about that...☹️)
Q: Otani hit a home run in two games in a row. He’s really a monster. We’re proud of him.
soa natural?
A: Rewrite the first sentence:

Otani hit a home run two games in a row.

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