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Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar Oslo.
A: I had to listen to the dictionary for Czechia. This is the first time I've seen it. I've always called it "the Czech Republic"
It had a different name again during the cold war.

"Czechia, The Czech republic, Slovenia"
Q: Oslo is a nordic city. At first I didn't like it (it's a gray city) but with the passage of days I like it more and more. soa natural?
A: Oslo is a Scandinavian city and looks grey and rather boring. At first l didn't like it, but every day that passes, l like it more and more.
Q: There was snowing in Oslo today even though it was April, just like as in Korea now. Where the snows fall even in spring. That is why I still think of this country as the idealistic and imaginary place in the world. Like as the fanciful land. soa natural?
A: ​It snowed in Oslo today, even though it's April. It's exactly the same in Korea; the snow will fall even in spring. That's why I think this((you can say 'my' if you're korean)) country is the most idealistic place in the world.

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