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Q: You can eat Osechi Jan 1st or around that day, like 2nd and 3rd.
But you can't eat when it's besides those days. soa natural?
A: You can't eat it on any days besides those.
Q: Osechi is a type of dishes which is eaten on new years day. The dish is set in beautifully elaborated four-tiered lacquer boxes.
soa natural?
A: It's usually set in beautifully elaborated, four-tiered lacquer boxes.
Q: Osechi is Japanese New Year's cuisine.
It is basically long life food keeping good itself during New Year week. soa natural?
A: I would say
Japan's new year cuisine is named Osechi. It is associated with long life and good luck, especially when eaten during the new year's week.
hope it helped a bit
Q: We will also accept pre-orders for Osechi cuisine. soa natural?
A: Sorry, I meant to press natural but I hit the wrong button; your sentence is fine. "Pre-orders for" sounds best.

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