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Q: O que significa orgasm means
A: @taruntandle46 organism = a living thing (example: humans and animals)
Q: O que significa "orgasm gap"??
A: the "orgasm gap" is referring to the fact that men orgasm during sex more than women
Q: O que significa has an orgasm every time you take her out for a cup of coffee?
A: I think it is because it is a common activity.

Or it could be literally, that she orgasms every time she has coffee
Maybe she really likes coffee >.>

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Q: What’s “multiple orgasm “?? Is it for women?ehy did Ross say that????
A: haha:)) I love this piece!
Yeah, some women are able to have multiple orgasms
Q: What does “multiple orgasms “mean?
A: Thank you @nightpoem
Q: Can I use "orgasm" in noraml way?
A: no, I definitely wouldn't say that. I understand now, orgasm is pretty much always used in a sexual way.
Q: How can eight of "be an orgasm?" It doesn't make sense.

It's pound for pound.

What does "pound for pound" mean?
When I was watching English drama, I couldn't understand that..
A: I'm slightly confused. Could you post more of the context? Preferably with the exact lines that were spoken.

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