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Q: O que significa You have to be more organised.?
A: organized = arranged well.
Q: O que significa by organised claims touts?
A: I have never heard this before. Please show me the context I can try to help

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (RU)? organised , haré , Long , young, tall, books, most, fast and far in this sentences plis?
A: the most organised (organised)
the hardest (hard)
the longest (long)
the youngest (young)
the tallest (tall)
the most (most)
the fastest (fast)
the furthest (far)

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Q: I‘ve organised everything for the trip.
I‘ll be arriving in Berlin central station at 15:00 20th July.
I‘ll go back at 12:00 25th by bus. soa natural?
Thank you very much!!🥰
What is the difference btw [arrival: on 20th] and [departure: on THE 25th]?
Q: Which one is correct and natural?
A) I’m an organised person.
B) I’m a tidy person.
A: Both are correct and natural. I would say that 'organised' and 'tidy' have slightly different meanings.

Organised sounds more logical and systematic than tidy. Things are organised for a purpose. This can apply to physical things but also to planning or organisational skills.

Tidy describes things which are arranged neatly, which are pleasing to look at but don't necessarily serve a purpose. It usually only applies to physical things.

So, in practical terms:

A) means "I act in a systematic and organised manner"

B) means "I keep my home and possessions neat and tidy"
Q: I went on an organised trip to Venice soa natural?
Q: I'm more organised than you soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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