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Q: O que significa No centralized CDC-like org?
A: "No centralized organization like the Center for Disease control/CDC."
Q: O que significa No centralized CDC-like org?
A: CDC is the American Centre for Disease Control.

So this means there is no organisation like CDC in [wherever].
Q: O que significa org and tbh?
A: tbh - to be honest

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? when org members keep resigning their jobs,so the org is suffering from understaffing how can i describe this phenomenon?
i dont thing its 'high turnover rate' b/c they dont change their jobs just quit. is it umm...high quitting rate? resigning?

We would call it a high turnover rate.
turnover means
the rate at which employees leave a workforce/workplace and are replaced

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Q: What did they say? org? write?
as a Southwesterner?
A: A: I can only wear things that say Southwestern University on it
B: We could put a piece of, like, tape over it, and write Southwestern
A: Well I do have one that says Southwestern, and mine's gray, and it has Southwestern embroidered on it

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