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Q: What does bad optics mean? Is it a jargon word?
A: It means that something has the outward appearance of being unacceptable or scandalous.

For example, a political candidate's campaign manager: "Do not openly accept money from special interests. The optics of such a move would be problematic; some people will view you as corrupt and not vote for you."

It is not a jargon word, but its meaning is quite specific and so it is mostly used in formal contexts e.g. government affairs, corporate governance, etc.
Q: What does "optics" mean?
The original sentence is "The optics of Mr. Putin’s visit also seemed unfavorable to Japan."
A: I believe that in this text, "optics" would refer to the way the public percieves/views an event etc. (it's used in a more political sense)

So I think that it just means - it was percieved that Putin's visit seemed unfavorable to Japan. (Sorry if I'm wrong).

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