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Q: O que significa what would Oprah do

is this famous phrase??
A: No, I don't think that is a famous or common phrase.

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Q: "Oprah (Winfrey)" and "Opera" sound very similar to me, do they have the same pronunciation?
A: In the US at least, the O in both words are pronounced differently. "Oprah" has a clear "oh-per-uhh" sound, while O in Opera is pronounced "Ah-per-uhh"
Q: Oprah traveled to South Africa through the show. She saw numerous schoolchildren and orphans devastated by the AIDS epidemic. Many girls had heartbreaking backgrounds. Oprah saw herself in all these girls who had to undergo unbearable hardships. “Girls who are educated are less likely to get HIV, and in this country, which has such a pandemic, we have to being change the pandemic,” she said. By meeting disadvantaged South African girls, Oprah decided to build a school for them. This opportunity turned out one of the greatest experiences of her life. Oprah is not only the talk show host, she also achieved success as an American media proprietor, actress, producer, author, and philanthropist. soa natural?
A: You could either say “a talk show host” or “she is the host of a major/popular talk show.” Either one would be sufficient.
Q: Oprah Winfrey is one of the celebrated hostess. soa natural?
A: One of the most celebrated hostesses
Q: Oprah Winfrey has done a good job of building a positive image around her for decades. soa natural?
A: instead of saying ' around her ' say " around herself "
Q: Who's "Oprah"?
A: Former longtime talk show host, now media mogul. She's mainly known for her TV channel and magazine now

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