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Q: O que significa Opponents of capital punishment pleaded that this punishment violates human rights.?
A: People who disagree with the death penalty said that the death penalty goes against human rights.

This changes the meaning slightly, but it generally means the same thing. Does this help or do you need more clarification?

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Q: "Opponents of the government would be silenced or thrown into prison."

Does the word "silenced" in this sentence mean "killed"?
A: Silenced means, that they are made not to say their ideas anymore.
They could threaten them to silence them or they could kill them to silence them.
For example if you want to silence someone who is talking against the government, you could threaten to kill their family if they continue talking bad about the government.
In that example they are silenced, but not killed.
Q: Opponents claim that providing free college education will make people pay heavy taxes. soa natural?
A: Opponents claim that providing free college education will increase the tax burden.
Q: "Opponents of assisted migration cite as two deterrents the cost and the likelihood that human interference could turn a species into a invasive pest."
Doesn't "cite" mean "quote"? And what does "cite as" mean?
A: here cite means to reference or use as a basis for some logical proposition.

opponents list these two factors as bad points of assisted migration

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