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Q: O que significa hooked on opium?
A: I think it means addicted to opium.
Q: O que significa to be on "opium addict" ?
A: it is exactly what it is.

additional info: opium is used to make heroin, but also to make morphine if I remember correctly
Q: O que significa opium?
A: Opium is a a reddish-brown heavy-scented addictive drug used for medicines.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? opium of the people
A: Eu não sei quê o faz da gente, mas ok

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Q: “Religion is the opium of humanity. It makes you feel relaxed if you use it correctly. If you overdo it, it'il make you unhappy.” soa natural?
A: Natural and true
Q: I'm exactly addicted to opium. But It is not even a thing.  soa natural?
A: Use another word instead of "exactly" and it'd sound so "HBO - Girls".

Don't know what you intend, but here's a grammatically correct statement similar to what you typed:
I'm actually addicted to opium, but it's not even a thing.
(I'm actually addicted to opium, but it's not even a big deal.)

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