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Q: I can help you to your Spanish doesn't look like horrible
qué opinan? suena natural?
A: "I can help you with your Spanish, it doesn't look horrible"
o si querias decir
"I can help you too, your Spanish doesn't look horrible"
Q: ¿que opinan sobre los latinos?
A: Somos geniales 😎
Q: ¿que opinan las personas de Estados Unidos sobre los españoles?
A: Canada, not US here. I have several friends in Spain and I think very highly of Spain but in general I don't think Canadians/Americans think about Spain very often. When we think Spanish, we think Mexico. When we think Europe, we think UK and maybe Germany or France. It seems to us like all the economies in Europe are in a constant state of chaos, but we still love to visit there!
Q: ¿Qué opinan? soa natural?
A: instead of "I like to learn this language", you should say "i'd* like to learn this language"

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