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Q: O que significa conservative operative (especially operative)?
A: An operative is someone who conducts operations.

A conservative operative is a person who performs operations, or works for, the Conservative party in the US.
Q: O que significa embedded operatives ?
A: Government spies pretending to be regular people in another country.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre operative e operational ?
A: You could use both for “The train is operational/operative” as adjectives. Same with its opposites “The train is inoperative/non-operational.”

But an operative can be a noun too.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre operative e operator e I'm call centre operative or operator? ?
A: I think you are an operative, but it’s a close call as “operator” was/is used to describe a switchboard operative who connected telephone calls in the days before STD (subscriber trunk dialling)

I think an operative is an employee, but one who does stuff rather than management.

“He’s council operative

An operator is someone who operates something specific:

“She’s a crane operator”

...and you could substitute:
“She operates a crane”.


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Q: The operatives would apprehend the fleeing gunmen soa natural?
A: sorry, the correct part is missing, what was it?

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