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Q: Openess to change, enjoy taking up a challenge
: Studying overseas and teaching Korean in Spanish,
Publishing bicycle travel book “쫄지 말고 떠나자” by self-publishing,
Being Korean triathlon member and traveled over 40 countries,
these experiences made me I am today, who is not to fear to do new things.
soa natural?
A: [I'm open] to change [and] enjoy taking [on] challenge[s.]
[For example, I, studied] overseas [while] teaching Korean in Spanish, [self-published the] bicycle travel book “쫄지 말고 떠나자”,
[become a] Korean triathlon member and travel[led to] over 40 countries[.]
[T]hese experiences made me [who] I am today[; a person who isn't afraid] to do new things.

Anything I corrected or changed I put in "[ ]".

Hope this helps. : )

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