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Q: O que significa OP?
A: depends on context
- overpowered (used a lot in the video gaming community)
- original poster / original post (the first person to post or start a thread on a social media site, I most commonly see it used on reddit)

Q: O que significa OP?
A: On social media it can be the 'original poster' who starts a thread.
Q: O que significa OP:all questions should not just benefit the OP.?
A: @Sparks73: Online it means original poster.
Q: O que significa OP's Hard Drive ?
A: Hard drive is a part of a computer.
Q: O que significa OP?
A: In an Internet forum, "Original Poster"--the person who originally posted the question to the forum.

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Q: OP word family
cop hop mop pop top soa natural?
A: 👍👍👍
Q: What does "OP" mean?
A: Original poster
Q: OP: okay, freestyle.
A man: you ask scientists to do freestyle?

is it okay to write 'a man' or just 'man'?

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