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Q: O que significa Ones you confirm that all we are going to do its safely done. Then I will be satisfied to work with you. And I'll send you that agreement papers on 16/11/2017?
A: Once you confirm that all we are going to do its safely done then I will be satisfied to work with you, and I'll send you the agreement papers on 16/11/2017.

"Once ... then" is similar to "If ... then".

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Ones e Once ?
A: "ones" is the plural form of the pronoun "one"'
He is the one who broke the vase ➡ They are the ones who broke the vase
I want to buy that one ➡ I want to buy those ones

"once" means one time, a singular occurrence:
She's been to the restaurant once on her own
They've asked her to come visit them at least once

"once" also means "when" or "as soon as":
Once you've tied your laces, we can go
She left the room once they finished clapping
Q: Qual é a diferença entre One e Ones ?
A: Ones means a multiple of One. However it is not commonly used because one represents a single thing so not really a need for multiple. I've only heard of ones when counting is involved like doing math or shopping.

ex: 127 (the 7 is in the ones place)
ex: Size ones are in the back
ex: She payed with twelve ones ($12)

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Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar Ones,twos,fives,tens.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: when you use "One" or "Ones",Does the person who`s listening have to know what it`s referring to?
A: Yes.
For example, you're pointing at an object saying "That one."
Or mentioning the objects or person and saying "They are the ones that said it first."
There's always something that points to the object of the sentence.
Q: When can I use "Which", "One, "Ones"?
A: “Which one”is for one single thing and “which ones” is for two or more things.
Mom: can you pass me those shoes?
Me: which ones?
Mom: the black ones

Me: can you pass me a book
Mom: which one?
Me: the Harry Potter one
Q: Ones with manes are male. soa natural?
A: The ones with manes are male
the ones that have manes are male
Q: Ones with cockscombs are roosters, or male chickens. soa natural?
A: Correct but I would say “The ones with...”

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