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Q: O que significa Что значит приставка onaire? | What does prefix onaire mean??
A: You were close by comparing it with -er, in the sense that both make the noun a “person”, but the difference is that -er follows a verb, and qualifies the person as someone who performs that action (player, singer), while here it’s a bit different.

1) -aire is always after a noun, not a verb
2) It details someone’s status or characteristic, rather than an action
3) It is much less common

It does not have an actual “meaning”, and also it is usually applied to words imported from other languages, being a French suffix in first place

Я питаюсь писать главные положения тоже по-русски:

Сравня -aire с -er, есть несколько разниц:
1) -aire прибавится на существительные, не на глаголы
2) Слова с -aire описывают характер или положение или статус человека
3) Есть мало слов с -aire, много с -er

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