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Q: Can I ommit "being" before "ahead" or should I necessarily use it?
"I want to reach fluency in all the languages I'm now learning, with English (being) ahead of them all."

That’s fine.

I want to reach fluency in all the languages I’m now learning, with English as the priority – this is much more natural

Q: Can I ommit "being" before "ahead" or not?
"With our main opponent(being) ahead of us, we tried all our best to win the race."
A: Yes you can omit being
Q: Can I ommit "being" in sentences like this?
1)(Being) written in haste, the book has many mistakes.
2)(Being) done in the most careful way, the work demonstrate his diligence.
3) Homework, (being) not handed in on time, won't be marked.
A: Yes - and it will often sound more natural!

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