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Q: O que significa Omicron and Moderna are engaged in hand-to-hand combat in my body. ?
A: It’s a metaphor. Moderna is a company that makes a Covid vaccine, but in this context, it means the vaccine itself.

So the sentence means that the vaccine and Covid are fighting inside your body.
Q: O que significa "Omicron and Delta driving case tsunami-WHO"

What'd be "driving case tsunami-WHO"?
A: WHO is the World Heath Organisation, which says that Omicron and Delta are causing a 'tsunami' of cases of Covid
Q: O que significa ①We haven't known fully yet about Omicron variant.
②We don't know fully yet about Omicron variant.

A: We still don't know enough about the Omicron variant. / We still don't fully understand the Omicron variant. ✅

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? There are about three Omicron confirmed cases a week at my company.
No matter how much I wear a mask, I think I'll get infected with Omicron.
I just hope there will be no aftereffects of Omicron.

Fix it
A: No matter how often I wear a mask, I think I’ll still get infected with Omicron.

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Q: Omicron is spreading at the lighting speed across European continent。
France placed restrictions traveling from The UK from 23:00 On Friday.
So there were long queues of vehicles at the Port of Dover on Friday.

Is this sentence correct ?
A: A more correct and natural sounding way to say this is "Omicron is spreading across Europe at lightning speed. France restricted people from the UK from entering the country at 23:00 (11:00 pm) on Friday, so there was a long queue of vehicles at the Port of Dover."
If you have any questions why it is written that way, feel free to ask.
Q: Omicron is spreading quite fast, so we should get a top-up vaccine.

Is this sentence correct ?
A: Yes, correct.
Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar オミクロン
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: The Omicron variant has arrived in Japan. I'm worried about what will happen in the future. soa natural?
A: × I'm worried about what will happen in the future.
✓ I'm worried about it's future impact.

Sounds a bit wordy but proper. This phrasing is a bit better.
Q: Omicron has mutations that help it spread more quicly and make vaccines less effective.

Is this sentence correct ?
A: yes but it’s spelled “quickly.” 😊

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