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Q: ometimes, I do something for my kids off the top of my head. I’m consider them a little but It’s not hard. But suddenly my kids hugs and tells me, “mom, Thank you so much. I love you” with very impressed face. Then I just smile and pretend I’m not surprise, but in my mind, I’m so supruse.
The pure and open mind reaction of my kids struck a chord with me. Nevertheless it’s not a big deal with me, They accepet it by very big event and give love to me. Then I feel I am very good and valuable person. I feel full of love, heart warming. And after all, I feel very thanks to my kids, too.

Would someone correct it? soa natural?
A: Sometimes, I randomly do something nice for my kids . I consider them small, easy acts of kindness. But suddenly my kids hug and tell me, “Mom, Thank you so much. I love you” with very impressed faces. I just smile and pretend I’m not surprised, but in reality, I’m so surprised.
The pure reaction of my kids strikes a chord with me. Nevertheless, it’s not a big deal to me. They think its by very big deal and show they love me. It makes me feel like I am a very good and valued mother. I feel full of love and it warms my heart. In the end, I feel very thankful to my kids, too.

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