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Q: I want you to tell me about Omegle.
What kind of people are using it?
A: Omegle is a video chatting website where you can talk to random strangers that have the same interests as you. Usually people use this site when they are bored, so you can find a lot of different kinds of people on there!!

Personally, I do not recommend using Omegle. It’s very sketchy imo. I used to use it when I was younger and people on there can find out where you live and stuff by tracking your IP address. ><
Q: When I was in the Omegle text chat, I met so many assholes. And I want to know if people in the US are the same as in the chat. Do they ask about sex after a minute of conversation? Or it's just a group of uneducated losers who have nothing to do and so they spend their time in chats?
A: That may just be the kind of people that are drawn to that particular chat client.

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