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Q: O que significa okidoki?
A: silly?
Q: O que significa okidoki?
A: @kahunsho
1st person: I want you to clean your room.
2nd person: Okidoki also, why did you come to Japan?

If you mean you’re going to use okidoki / okie dokie even if you aren’t agreeing to something it wouldn’t make sense
Q: O que significa okidoki
A: It’s a cheerful way to say “ok”
Q: O que significa okidoki?
A: It's a different way of saying "Okay" or OK

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? okidoki
A: Okey dokey is a cuter way of saying okay or alright

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Q: When do you use okidoki?
A: When you need to say that you understand
Q: What is okidoki? Is this girl's word?
A: You also see it rendered as okie-dokie.

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