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Q: O que significa Ohtani to undergo knee surgery, season over.I don't understand "season over".?
A: In this context, it is meant to illustrate that for all intents and purposes, this player’s injury precludes any possibility to further perform this baseball season.
Q: O que significa Ohtani, that boy.?
A: I am guessing that two people are talking about Ohtani

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Q: Ohtani has slid home with two stolen bases to win the game in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the ninth. I'm looking forward to reading about it in tomorrow's sports paper. He’s our hero!
soa natural?
Q: Ohtani from Japan hit his 28th home run yesterday, moving him to the top of both American leagues in home runs. Amazing!
soa natural?
Q: Ohtani said he couldn't find the documents he asked me to prepare yesterday.

Does this sentence sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Since Ohtani struggled in pre-season games, many critics were skeptical about his talent.
However, once the season had started, he showed spectacular performances and fans seem to have fallen completely in love with him!
We are so proud of him! soa natural?
A: It sounded great. I understood you; I can hear your accent but it's still completely understandable.
Q: Ohtani, a last year's rookie of the Hokkaido Fighters, has been designated today as the starter pitcher in the opening game of JBL series. He's the first ever professional baseball player in Japan who's pursueing his career both as a pitcher and a batter. soa natural?
A: Starting pitcher

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