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Q: However,Ohanami produces many serious problems. For example, Its matter is garbage.People eat food which they buy in food cart. Then,trash is produced. Those spoil the scenery. So, we have to abandon in the trash can. soa natural?
A: "However, Ohanami produces many problems. For example, garbage is often left behind. After buying food from the carts people will leave trash lying about. This spoils the scenery. We need to leave our garbage in the trash can."

This would be a better way of saying it. "Abandon" is not often used when referring to garbage.
Q: "Ohanami" means cherry blossom viewing.Many Japanese do Ohanami in April of spring. We enjoy drinking Sake and eating food under the tree of the cherry blossom. We usually do with the family or our friends. In Japan, place famous for cherry blossom is Thsruma park. Cherry brossom are planted there about 750 trees. It is beautiful view. soa natural?
A: "Ohanami" means cherry blossom viewing in Japanese. Many Japanese people do ohanami during the spring. We enjoy drinking sake and eating food under the cherry blossoms. We usually do this with our family and friends. In Japan, places famous for cherry blossoms is Thsruma park. There are 750 cherry blossoms in Thsruma park. It is beautiful view"

This is a more correct way of saying this.

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