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Q: O que significa it is offshoot of the presidential office. what is "offshoot"???
A: "Offshoot" is a term from an "offshoot" of a plant, which is like a branch or a segment that has started to separate.

Or it can simply mean something that was created because of something else.

In your context its probably a room next to or connecting to the office.

Here's a potentially helpful drawing! :D

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre spin-off e offshoot ?
A: "Spinoff" is a term used in the television industry for a TV series that features some characters from a previous TV series. For example, "Frasier" is a spinoff of "Cheers" and "Joey" is a spinoff of "Friends."

"Offshoot" is used in the study of evolution or geneaology. It can refer to a family or species that diverged from a "main" lineage. Sharks and stingrays are an offshoot from fish, as they started evolving on a different path away from the bony fish millions of years ago. A group of cousins you never talk to are an offshoot from your family tree.

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