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Q: O que significa offload?
A: To take off. Such as, “Men were offloading bags of salt from the truck”.
Q: O que significa offload?
A: Offload has more than 1 meaning.
unload (a cargo).
"men were offloading bags of salt"
synonyms: unload, remove, empty (out), tip (out); archaicunlade
"the cargo was being offloaded"
rid oneself of (something) by selling or passing it on to someone else.
"a dealer offloaded 5,000 of these shares on a client"
synonyms: dispose of, dump, jettison, get rid of, transfer, shift; More
relieve oneself of (a problem or worry) by talking to someone else.
"it would be nice to have been able to offload your worries onto someone"

Example sentences using "Offload"

Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com offload.
A: The butcher tried to offload stock before going into lockdown by selling as much of his discounted beef as he could.


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