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Q: O que significa blanking oe words?
A: Oh. I see.

They are just saying = I can't think of the definition of ethereal right now.

Americans also say this expression:

"You want to know what ethereal means? Alright, let me see if I can remember what it means. I can't really remember. Ummm. Hold on....
Dang. The definition is on the top of my tongue!"

On the tip of my tongue = drawing a blank

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Q: How do you say (oe) and (eo) Please in English (US)?
A: It depends on the word.

oe is pronounced oo in shoe, but is pronounced as a long o sound in hoe.
Q: Which oe is correct: bow tie or bow-tie?
A: Both are fine in my opinion, but I normally write it without a hyphen.
Q: How much is it? oe How much does it coast?
A: How much is it?
How much does it cost?

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