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Q: I made some Oden for tomorrow dinner. Because my mom and sister comes home tomorrow. soa natural?
A: × I made some Oden for tomorrow dinner.
✓ I made some Oden for tomorrow’s dinner, because my mom and sister come home tomorrow.

× Because my mom and sister comes home tomorrow.

Q: About Oden: I would like you to change this to more natural English please.
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Oden is a type of Japanese hot pod / boiled cuisine.
When you come to Japan I recommend you try to eat it.
In cold season between October and February, most convenience stores offer oden or it can be offered at Japanese style restaurants.

Then, if you become to like it, you may want to cook oden at home by yourself.
If so you should buy oden powder at super market in Japan before going to your country,
Using this oden powder the most easiest way to cook oden.

Mix and boil with the powder, water and your favorite ingredients such as boiled egg, tofu, potato, minced meat and so on.
I usually put less water than the direction on the power box, because I like strong taste. If the taste of the direction is thin for you, it is also nice to add some soy sauce during boiling.
soa natural?
A: sounds very natural, just one part, u should say "using oden powder is the easiest way to cook oden"
Q: "Oden" is dinner tomorrow.
"Oden" is tomorrow's dinner.
"Oden" is for dinner tomorrow. soa natural?
A: You would use option 3, "Oden is for dinner tomorrow." Alternatively, you could say, "I'm having Oden for dinner tomorrow." Or "They are having Oden for dinner tomorrow."

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