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Q: O que significa It is on the Odakyu Line near a station called Mukogaoka-yuen.?
A: "It is on the Odakyua Line" means that the destination you are talking about can be reached by going on a train/bus/subway on that specific line.

And the rest of the sentence is just talking about what station is close to where you want to go. So most likely you should get off the train at the Mukogaoka-yuen station and then you should be able to find you way to your destination.

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Q: I changed Odakyu line at Shinjuku station. I'm little surprised because there were not almost people at Shinjuku station. soa natural?
A: I transferred to Odakyu line at Shinjuku Station. I'm a little surprised that there was almost no one at Shinjuku Station.
Q: I'm furious at Odakyu line because there was an accident yet again.
Odakyu line is exactly the worst train line of delay!! soa natural?
A: " Im extremely furious because there was an accident at odakyu line which has the slowest delay time for trains "

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