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Q: Which sounds more natural?

Oda said in a recent interview that ONE PIECE...

A) would end in four to five years.

B) will end in four to five years.
A: I want to say letter B! I have a feeling that if you say letter A the word “but” will come after the sentence.

“Oda said in a recent interview that One Piece would end in four to five years. But that is not the case, the Anime had its contract expanded to 8 years”

Letter B sounds more certain.

Was that helpful? If anything ask me!
Q: The Oda Nobunaga's imitation sword is my favorite. soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Oda Nobunaga, the most revolutionary-minded warlord in the waring-states era in Japanese history, was forced to kill himself at the age of 47, still halfway to the unification of the country. One of his high-ranking vassals, who was holding strong grudges against Nobunaga, betrayed and assaulted him whlie he was staying at a local temple with only a handful of his men.
soa natural?
A: One small change:
“…vassals, who held a strong grudge against…”

It is typical to use the singular form. Think of it as an emotional state similar to sad:

🚫 She was sads for him.
✅ She was sad for him.
❓ She held grudges against him. (Not wrong, but not typical.)
✅ She held a grudge against him.

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