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Q: Qual é a diferença entre occupant e dweller e resident ?
A: Occupant: person occupying a space.

Example: A formal letter from a company or government agency may sometimes be addressed to 'occupant.'

Dweller: not in common use by itself. Tent-dweller (a homeless person living in a tent) or apartment-dweller (a person living in an apartment) maybe. A residence may sometimes be referred to as a dwelling. Again, not very common.

Example: I read an article entitled "10 best dog breeds for apartment-dwellers"

Resident: person who resides in a space. (lives there)

Example: "All residents at the apartment complex must have renters insurance."

Residence: living space such as a house or apartment.

You may hear the phrase 'residential neighborhood.' This means the area has lots of homes, but no businesses.

There are a couple of other meanings for resident that can come up in normal speech.

A "Resident" may refer to a Medical Doctor who is completing further education in a specialty field of medicine.

"Our resident expert" might just mean that this person is the best at that particular task or has the most knowledge of a particular subject compared to those around them.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre occupant e occupancy ?
A: The occupant refers to the person/thing themselves, while occupancy is a state of possessing something that something, *not* the occupant, is in.

Example: If I am in a bulding, I am the occupant of that building.
If the building has a limit on how many people can occupy that building, you can say "Occupancy of the building by over 200 people is hazardous."
Q: Qual é a diferença entre occupant e resident ?
A: Occupant: Someone that occupies something
Resident: Someone that pays to live somewhere

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Q: Occupant means passenger. For Example occupant must use a seatbelt. soa natural?
A: “For example, occupants must use a seatbelt” or “the occupant must use a seatbelt” :)
Q: They are called occupants in my institution. soa natural?
A: "Occupants"

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