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Q: O que significa occation?
A: Occasion means a particular time or instance of an event. The meaning of occasion also can be "cause or reason". It's based on situation :)
Q: O que significa occation?
A: I think it is a misspelling of "occasion".

It can mean something like "this time" or "that time", but it can also mean something like "reason" or "cause" or "event".

Time: On one occasion, I didn't sleep for two days in a row.
Reason/Cause: I've never had occasion to use my new golf clubs before now.
Event: She only wears makeup on special occasions.

Also, it can mean the same as "sometimes" if you change it to "occasionally".

I don't have a lot of money, so I only eat at restaurants occasionally.
I occasionally have enough time to take a nap before making dinner.

The most common ways you will see this word are as in "event" or "sometimes". The other meanings are formal and old-fashioned, so you might see them in books.

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Q: "you dressed for the occation"

what does for the occation mean?
A: Occasion means the same as an event
Dressing for an occasion refers to someone dressing up nicely or formally for the event
Q: I have an occation win access to the secret server soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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