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Q: O que significa obssessed ?
A: to think about or do something so much that it becomes concerning

example: “you’ve watched that movie over one hundred times. you’re obsessed”
Q: O que significa obssessed?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: "I've been so obssessed with studying by myself that I can't make time to meet anyone." soa natural?
A: @philoin88 그렇다면, I've been too busy with studying (by myself) that I don’t have time to meet anyone. 이 제일 나을것같네요. 굳이 “혼자” 는 좀 듣는사람이 오해 요지도 있고 포인트는 공부. Obsessed 좀 많이 과한 표현이고 좀 신들린, 이런 느낌이라, 무슨 무속인 공부 하는거 아니시면 ㅋㅋ 저게 제일 쉽고 흔한 표현일것같네요. 또 수고요!

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