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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Obon is the time/period when we honor our ancestors. e Obon is a time/period when we honor our ancestors. ?
A: In Japan, Children's Day is a time when children are celebrated, but the country also honors young girls during Hinamatsuri. ("a time" because there is more than one holiday for children)

The end of the school year is a period when students are under a lot of stress. ("a period" because students can be under stress at other times, too)

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? what do you say "Obon" in English?
A: Festival of the dead.

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Q: On the Obon holiday on August 13, we enjoy " Genghis Khan" ; a local specialty of mutton or lamb grilled on an iron hot plate.
During the vacation, our family and relatives get together and welcome the spirits of our past parents, grandparents, or grand grandparents.

Does this sound natural?
A: On the Obon holiday, August 13, we enjoy ……
our deceased parents ….
great grandparents
Q: Obon is not a festival, but it's an event we solemnly welcome our ancestors' soul coming back. soa natural?
A: Obon is not a festival, but a solemn event to welcome the souls of our ancestors.
Q: Obon is not a festival, but it's an event we welcome our ancestors' sole coming back solemnly. soa natural?
A: Sole is the bottom of your shoe or a type of fish. The word you want is soul :D
Q: It's quiet here in Obon period. soa natural?
A: @nobu_japan: ​​It's quiet here during Obon.
Q: The Obon holiday started today in Japan. soa natural?
A: Is not unnatural. Is just that we don't say "the..." Often but its ok to say it

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