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Q: O que significa oblong?
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Q: O que significa oblong box?
A: a rectangular box

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre oblong e rectangle ?
A: A rectangle is a two-dimensional shape with four 90°/right angle corners. Squares are still rectangles. An oblong shape is simply a shape that is longer in one dimension.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre oblong e rectangle ?
A: Rectangle is a shape that equal on every side (90°)
Whereas oblong is a rectangular shape but with unequal adjacent side.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre a oblong table e a rectangle table ?
A: "an oblong". The adjective is "rectangular". There is no difference. Oblong is a non mathematical term for a rectangle.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre oblong e rectangle ?
A: Oblong has no corners, it is stretched circle. Or it can be like a rectangle, but with very rounded edges.

If you look at an egg, it will look oblong.

A running track is usually oblong.

A rectangle is like a square, but longer in one dimension.

Most paper money is rectangular.

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Q: oblong 到底是长方形还是椭圆形的意思?
A: 椭圆形的意思。
Q: This oblong tract adjoining a northern part of the lake is for only farming. soa natural?
A: It feels way too complicated. But if you want to correct it,
This oblong tract adjoining the northern part of the lake(not a) is only for(not for only) farming.

I'd advise on keeping it simple:
This land beside the lake is only for farming.
Q: There is an oblong ABCD like the graph below. The side AB is 11cm long and the side 8cm in length. The point E is on the side CD and the length of the CE is 6cm. Draw the bisecror of the angle ABE and let its intersection with the side AD be the point F. What’s the length of the line DF? soa natural?
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