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Q: O que significa to objectify?
A: In a literal sense, it means to refer to or compare someone to an object, hence the stem word "object". If someone were to objectify someone else they are degrading that person's status to that of an object. Usually it's a form of harassment.

If you were to comment on someone's appearances and basically make any praise you give to that person about how attractive you think they are, depending on how you're doing it, it could be seen as objectification. For example, comparing a man to a piece of meat.

Personify is the exact opposite where you give human qualities to an object.

Q: O que significa please don't objectify the men in this office?
A: To not treat the guys in that office like objects.

The term “objectify” is used a lot when speaking about outward appearance. If you were just looking at a guy because he’s handsome and not considering his other qualities than you may be objectifying him.
Q: O que significa "you're blatantly objectifying me."?
A: To objectify someone means to degrade this person to the status of a mere object. It is commonly referred to when guys treat girls as object.

Blatantly means something like "clearly".

We can rephrase it as: "you're clearly treating me as an object."
Q: O que significa objectify woman?
A: when you see women just as "objects"
meaning that they have no rights and no feelings
Q: O que significa objectifying?
A: To treat somebody like they are incapable of human thoughts and emotions. Degrading them to the status of an object rather than an equal.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? objectify
A: This answer might be useful.

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Q: Now they reaffirm: you only objectify and this is why you're hated soa natural?
A: The context is a little vague, so I don’t know what “now they reaffirm” is supposed to mean. In any case, I would say “It goes to show,” which basically means “this thing that you did shows me that ____”.

Also, I would say “why no one/nobody likes you” instead of “why you’re hated”. It’s a bit less harsh that way, but if you really want to sound like a very mean person, you could say “and this is why everyone/everybody hates you”.

At the end, your sentence will look (and sound) like this: (you can use either no one/everyone or nobody/everybody, they mean the same thing and don’t require any matching. Here I use “one” because where I live that’s the most common and right-sounding to me)

“It goes to show; you only objectify and this is why no one likes you”

Again, more rudely, you could “this is why everyone hates you,” but just keep in mind it’s a lot more harsh than the first one. I attached audio of how I would say the first one for you.

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