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Q: O que significa then decide if you want to come to NZ for a holiday?
A: NZ= New Zealand

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Q: I was supposed to go to NZ in next June but it was cancelled because of the corona virus.

is it correct grammatically?
I don’t know how to explain when I had a plan to go to NZ but it was cancelled ( that plan is about June)
I am between that plan which was cancelled and June when i had a plan to go there
A: "I was supposed to go to NZ next June, but my trip was cancelled because of the coronavirus."
Q: Finally, I got a NZ phone number 👍
I tried to survive only using free Wifi, but I gave up.
Because I cannot make a reservation of the doctor without the phone number 😱I bought this phone just in case few days ago.
And yes, I woke up sick this morning 🤣
soa natural?
A: Finally, I got a NZ phone number! 👍
I tried to survive on free Wifi only, but I gave up because I can't make a doctor's appointment without a phone number. 😱 So I bought this phone just in case.
Q: 遠くにいる友達が私の写真を見て「自分もそれ食べたい」と言ってきたので「じゃあ明日にでもニュージーランドに来たらいいじゃん!」というふうな感じで冗談が言いたいのですが、you should come to NZ even tomorrow !じゃ変ですか?
A: 「Then you should come to New Zealand tomorrow (too)! 」ということの方が自然に聞こえると思います。
Q: I shall introduce what I found in NZ. soa natural?
A: I shall show you what I found in NZ.
Q: I'm actually studying in NZ for about almost 2ysars but I don't feel like my Speaking skill has not been improved since then sooo would anyone recommend me about the better way to develop it by my self?
A: find something you are very interrested in a movie , a book , music , a tv series, sports channels and try watching it in english ... when you add something you're interrested or enjoy . you automatically concentrate more.

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